Working on things

Hi all!
I have been taking an art break to work on some house related things but have some painting pieces to put up in the future including a God Of War painting with Kratos.
I am not taking commissions at this current time but if there are any existing pieces of mine that you are interested in , even with tweaks, let me know.
I look forward to posting new content.  Don’t forget to check out my society 6 page too!

Zenkaikon is this weekend!

Hi all!

Typically, I have a table at this event if I can but this year I am going solely as an attendee.  I will be wandering around the artist alley assisting some friends as well.  If you see me, say hi! I will probably be cosplaying as Mizore from Rosario + Vampire or wearing a Wonder Woman dress.

My art will be in the charity auction however so please go check it out! It is called “Making Friends” and was originally going to be submitted as a t-shirt design but I took it a bit further instead. A lightly edited version of the original will be made available for purchase as prints later. 

I hope to see many smiling faces there.

Have a Super Sweet Day! ^-^

Work Work Work

I noticed I have severely lacked on the updates! Sorry about that.

I have been working on some new pieces including paintings and drawings.  I currently have a backlog of 5 commissions.  This is the most commissions I have had at one time that were not chibi quick drawings.  That said, keep an eye in the gallery for new pieces  because they will be popping up.

I have applied for a few conventions in the upcoming months.  I will keep posted when I find out.

Back to work for me.
Have a Super Sweet Day!

Headed To Dex

The past few weeks have been a bit of a blur.  I went to Spruce Street Harbor Park during Pride Day. That was great to see but not so much in sales. Then, I had the chance to face paint at a local event called Canal Day in Phoenixville. I didn’t realize so many little ones were into Spiderman! I shouldn’t be surprised, he is one of my favorites.

Coming up next I am headed to Morristown NJ for Dexcon which is a gaming convention. It is a ton of fun. I love going there every year to meet with artist friends, eat candy, and goof off with all the attendees as we make our way through the weekend.

Next week, I have the chance to experience BLOBFEST in all it’s gory glory on July 11th. I hope to see a bunch of great  retro artwork to get my creative juices flowing again.

Stay Tuned and Have a Super Sweet Day! – Jax

Thank You Zenkaikon!

Hi there!

To everyone who came out to Zenkaikon this past weekend and stopped by my table, Thank you!
A giant squeezy hug to you.
I had so much fun meeting you all and talking about everything from Steampunk and Dragons to Rupaul’s Drag  Race and Mermaids.
I had so many lovely moments of the weekend. Thank you for your kind comments, giggling at Gaston, and pointing out your favorite Ghibli Movies in the Ghibli Tribute Painting.

I look forward to seeing you all again in the future!

Feel free to post your pics up of what you did with your artwork on my Facebook page.

Have a Super Sweet Day! ^_^

Good Stuff!

Hey everyone! I am reworking a bunch of different things I have had for a while.   This was an old favorite.
If you are a fan of Doctor Who, you may remember the episode at the hospital with the gas mask children repeating “Are you my mummy?”
This is a take on that with Dr. Mario as the doctor, peach as Rose Tyler and shy guys as the gas mask children.

I will be headed to Dreamation  February 19-21st in Morristown New Jersey . Stop by my table and say Hi! if you are there.
Have a Super Sweet day!

It’s Back!

Well, hello there!

The website will be back up and running in full in 2016.  I will be posting Art, Music, Stories, Videos and whatnot of my creative endeavors.  Also, there may be a few guest appearances now and then.  In the meantime, it’s good to be back.

Have a super sweet day!