Random and silly facts about me:

Throughout my life, I’ve had over 40 nicknames. One of these that stuck for a while was Sister Mary Francis.

I have a stuffed rainbow fish that has traveled with me in every car I have ever owned. Sometimes he has piercings with safety pins.

I have been involved in 7 car accidents in which I was NOT the driver and have been lucky enough to never be seriously injured.

I still have a good friend that I met in an AOL chat room many years ago.  We even went to the same small college and never met there.

I am a member of the NFL which stands for National Forensics League and has nothing to do with dead bodies. It is actually the speech and debate team. I joined to get over my fear of speaking in public. Because Forensics is competitive, I ended up “lettering” in high school.

I own many musical instruments including 1 drum set, 3 guitars, 1 bass guitar, 1 violin, 1 xylophone, 1 piano, 1 keyboard and various small instruments. I can’t really read music but still wrote a bunch of songs.

I was very excited to have a brontosaurus picture I drew when I was about 8,make it to final rounds of a contest.

I once took part in a county wide spelling bee after winning at our elementary school. I lost pretty quickly but those words were no joke!

The above made me end up taking Latin for 3 years in high school which ended up being surprisingly helpful.

German Chocolate cake is my favorite cake but I have never attempted to make it.

I was a Mathlete.  It’s not because I love Math. I wanted to learn quickly so I could do it easily and be lazy.

Drawing has been a hobby since I was a toddler.  My grandfather worked in construction by day but was also an artist. He would teach me how to draw when I was with him, until he passed away. I am also in construction by day and an artist and just realized this today. Weird.

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